Automated Trading Bot efficiency

100% Automated Trading

Just link your exchange API and our bot will automatically trade for you, automatically, 24/7


100% Pre-Configured

No manual configuration required. No need to research strategies. The bot is 100% pre-configured for the best results.

100% Profit  beneficiary of 100% of the profits

100% Profit

All trades happen in your OWN exchange account and you are the beneficiary of 100% of the profits. You only share 20% of the profits as platform fees (in CLAN tokens) to fuel the ecosystem.

100% Safe Funds and profits remain in your exchange account

100% Safe

Your trade funds and your profits remain in your exchange account and you only control the credentials and withdrawal actions.

Zero Trading Experience Required trading possible for people with lack of knowledge and experience.

Zero Trading Experience Required

Our proprietary bot works as an easy plug and play tool to make trading possible for people with lack of knowledge and experience.

Pro Bot Strategies implementing new strategies to give you the best profits.

Pro Bot Strategies

Team of crypto trading veterans are constantly improvising and implementing new strategies to give you the best profits.

Ultra Fast Servers fastest servers available to execute trades

Ultra Fast Servers

We employ the fastest servers available to execute trades at lightning speeds.

Premium Signals most profitable trades signals

Premium Signals

We source signals from the best names in the business to execute the most profitable trades just for you.

Risk Averse Foolproof strategies pre-programmed into the Bot reduce losses

Risk Averse

Foolproof strategies pre-programmed into the Bot to reduce losses to a bare minimum.

Fractional Trade Strategy Each trading bot

Fractional Trade Strategy

Each trade uses a fraction of your funds in order to secure the capital as well as maximize profits by opening multiple trades in different assets.

Minting rewards  Use bot to Earn minting rewards in CLAN token

Minting rewards :

Earn minting rewards in CLAN token for using our bot. Please click here to see more details. /here – link to staking and minting page.


CLAN Token Contract Address: 0xd9e118546f2772fbbb2b57179251f1c9e46c1786

CLAN token is a BEP-20 token which is designed as a native token for the Botwiz ecosystem. You will be able to use the CLAN tokens for using our bot services as well as earning minting rewards for staking CLAN tokens. To know the detailed use case of CLAN token.
Use Cases of CLAN Token

The total circulation of CLAN tokens is 3.69 billion tokens which are pre-mined. To know the detailed tokenomics kindly refer to the whitepaper.
Read Whitepaper


The CLAN token is designed as the native token of the Botwiz ecosystem and will have the following use cases:

Subscription Model

As detailed in the Subscription / Staking section of the website.

Staking Model

As detailed in the Subscription / Staking section of the website.

Profit Sharing

The profits generated by our proprietary bot accumulate in your own exchange trading account. To keep the ecosystem vibrant and running, we share 20% of the profits. This is done by deducting the same from a running balance account maintained by you in CLAN tokens. You are required to keep CLAN tokens worth 20$ to start the bot (in both models i.e. staking and subscription) and topping up the balance as soon as the same reaches 5$ (the current rates will be auto fetched in your back office).

Minting and Burning of Tokens

The Botwiz team has designed a unique minting and burning process. The minting process is designed to incentivize our proprietary bot users that use the staking model. The periodic burning intends to remove a set number of tokens from the total circulation at set intervals till the overall supply of CLAN tokens reduces by 50%. Please see the minting and burning section for more details on this.

Incentivizing Affiliates

More than a lead magnet, Botwiz has a robust affiliate program to reward promotion of the bot services among its community. The affiliates are incentivized in CLAN tokens being the native token of the ecosystem.

Subscribing to other services on the Botwiz platform.

Numerous offerings are planned for introduction in the near future on the Botwiz platform. The subscription for such services will be payable in CLAN tokens, thus creating another use case for the CLAN token.


You can use the bot services by choosing either a monthly subscription model or a highly lucrative staking model. Each model is detailed below for understanding:

Subscription Model

You can opt for a monthly or annual subscription model for the bot services. The amount of subscription depends on the number of exchanges (maximum 3 per bot) you wish to connect with our bot. The amount to be paid is as under:

No. of Exchanges MONTHLY YEARLY
1 Exchange 12$ 99$
2 Exchanges 24$ 198$
3 Exchanges 36$ 297$

Staking Model

Just choose the highly lucrative CLAN staking model of Botwiz to get our bot subscription practically FREE.

1 Exchange 10000 CLAN tokens
2 Exchanges 20000 CLAN tokens
3 Exchanges 30000 CLAN tokens


Q2 – 2021
  • Development of the bot to include all the strategies to maximize profits and minimize losses.
  • Planning the token metrics and development of the token.
Q3 – 2021
  • Launch of website
  • Whitepaper published
  • Beta Launch of Botwiz’s proprietary bot.
  • Start of Private sale and Pre-ICO sale of CLAN tokens.
  • Start of the subscription and staking model of Botwiz.
  • Marketing campaign launch.
Q4 – 2021
  • ICO launch.
  • BOTWIZ mobile app.
  • Starting of the minting process of CLAN token.
  • CLAN token listing on decentralized exchanges.
  • Improvements in bot programming and strategies.
  • Start development of other use cases for the CLAN token
Q1 – 2022
  • Pro version of Botwiz platform launch
  • Listing and public sale of clan tokens on leading exchanges and DEX


Botwiz is a proprietary cryptocurrency trading bot developed by seasoned crypto traders with the help of world class programmers, with the sole purpose of enabling normal individuals to trade by simply connecting their exchange API with the bot.
100% of the funds are under your control all the time, thus allowing you complete authority over them.
Please note that cryptocurrency trading is a very risky investment proposition, thus invest only the amount that you can afford to lose.

CLAN tokens are the native tokens of the Botwiz ecosystem. These tokens are used to activate the services of the bot either through the subscription model or the staking model. No other token is accepted towards the services of the bot in the Botwiz ecosystem.

Botwiz generates profits in the exchange account of the user by using signals and pre-configured strategies set by professional crypto traders. Your funds never leave your exchange account and all the profit/loss is in your account.

Any person who is allowed to purchase CLAN tokens in his/her jurisdiction can do so and then use the said tokens to participate in the Botwiz program. Please note that if you are in jurisdictions which do not allow the purchase of unregulated cryptocurrencies, you cannot participate in the Botwiz program.

The profits are generated 100% in your own exchange account. But to keep the platform profitable and fund future growth of the platform, we require you to share 20% of the profits with the platform. This is done by maintaining a running account in CLAN tokens with us. The said running account can be opened with CLAN tokens worth 20$ to begin with. As each profitable trade deposits dollars in your exchange account, 20% of the said profit will be deducted in form of CLAN tokens (the exchange rate will be auto calculated for this purpose).

Cryptocurrency trading is a very volatile market. Neither Botwiz nor any of its associates, employees or affiliates promise any kind of fixed returns on your investment. Due to the fluctuations in the market, losses are also very likely. Profits are also possible due to these fluctuations but no set percentage or amount in currency terms can be fixed and committed.

You can link the following APIs with Botwiz :

  • Binance
  • Bittrex
  • Kucoin

Support for more exchanges is being added constantly and the list will be updated in your back office as well as here.

Yes, you can connect upto 3 exchanges with a single instance of Botwiz. The subscription / staking requirements for connecting more than one exchange have to be met to enable the same.

No, you don’t require to submit your KYC for registering and interacting with the Botwiz platform.

The Botwiz program is a completely flexible program, allowing you entry and exit as and when you wish. The same is possible as the entire funds that are being used in trade are in your own exchange account. In case, you are using the staking model to use the bot, you can sell the CLAN tokens which you have staked in the exchange, and close the services of the bot. Please note, that the bot services cannot be closed for 3 months from the date of first starting the use of the bot. That is, the tokens staked cannot be sold till 3 months from the start of the bot after which you are free to sell and close the bot, if you wish to do so. (This restriction is valid only till the start of public sale of CLAN tokens)

Minting is a process that we have devised to incentivize the staking on CLAN tokens. In Q4 2021, a smart contract will be deployed which will mint CLAN tokens based on the total trade volume of the Botwiz platform. The said tokens will be distributed as daily rewards to all the stakers of CLAN tokens.


The CLAN token sale has begun on the 28th of November 2021. The details of the same can be found in the CLAN token section of the website.

CLAN token will be listed on all major centralized and decentralized exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, Uniswap, Pancakeswap etc.

The total supply of CLAN tokens is capped at 3.69 billion. The total supply is pre-mined and locked into different smart contracts as per the usage of those tokens as per the tokenomics.

We have initially fixed the price of CLAN tokens taking into cost and other considerations. Once the public sale starts and the tokens are listed on the exchanges, the rate CLAN tokens will be governed completely by market forces.


Of course we have an affiliate program. The affiliate program is designed with a view to provide you both active and passive income in CLAN tokens.

Each and every user of Botwiz (staking model only) is automatically eligible to participate in the affiliate program of Botwiz. Your referral link is available in your Botwiz back office and can be used to refer your friends and relatives to the Botwiz ecosystem.

You can refer unlimited personal referrals as your frontline referrals. Also, the affiliate program pays out upto your 9th generation referrals. Please refer the affiliate program detail section for more details.

The referral commissions are paid out immediately as soon as you earn that commission. The commission is paid out in CLAN tokens and the same can be claimed from your back office in either USDT or CLAN tokens.