Botwiz offers an amazing affiliate program to promote the Botwiz ecosystem and especially the services of our proprietary bot.
The affiliate program incentivizes you up to your 9th generation organizational structure that you can create through your referral link. The referral link is assigned to you upon registration's

You should be a subscriber to our bot services through the staking model in order to participate in the Botwiz affiliate program.

Incentives are paid as per the undermentioned affiliate program on the following actions performed in the Botwiz ecosystem:

  • Introducing someone who uses our bot services through the subscription model.
  • Introducing someone who uses our bot services through the staking model.
  • On the profits shared by a user with the platform.
  • On the minting yield earned by your organization through the staking of CLAN tokens.

The Botwiz affiliate program incentivizes you as below:

Any direct affiliate introduced through your referral link. 15% Bot activation
Your 2nd generation i.e. your direct referrals directs 9% 3 direct bot users
Your 3rd generation 5%
Your 4th generation 4% 6 direct bot users
Your 5th generation 3%
Your 6th generation 3% 9 direct bot users
Your 7th generation 2%
Your 8th generation 2% 12 direct bot users
Your 9th generation 2%

Please note : Direct bot users required to activate levels as above implies people directly sponsored by you, who are using the services of the Botwiz platform through the staking model.